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Why Wonder Woman Being Released On Demand Is A Mistake

Recently there have been a lot of rumors of Warner Bros. exploring the idea of a theatrical AND ON-Demand release for WW84. As a huge fan of comic book films, and the film industry in general, I think it would be a huge mistake.

Sequel Difficulty. Don't get me wrong; it's extremely convenient to have new movie releases just a few clicks away on your remote, but at what cost? It's hard to green light a budget for a sequel when you're going off of ON Demand sales. Big budget comic book films are a guaranteed $100-$200M cost right out of the gate, not to mention marketing costs and other promotion. So just how profitable can the film be and maintain hopes for a sequel when it's released at home when you have 1000 other options to choose from with other free and cheaper streaming options

Sound. Nothing can top the sound of the movie theater unless you own some sort of projector screen with an insane stereo system, but again you're talking thousands of dollars worth investment just to come close. The biggest movies that benefit from sound are action movies. "Popcorn films" were dubbed that for obvious reasons: explosions, guns, fighting, fast action, and popcorn. You don't have to time each bite of popcorn out so you don't miss certain dialogue. A popcorn film is just a good goddamn time. But when you add comic book films, especially in this day and age with their depth, they add the story plus the action and the sound is IMPERATIVE to the experience. So when you watch a big budget action movie at home on your flat screen streaming it through your whatever device, are you really getting the full experience of the film? You ever have that moment after you go to a live event, that's also aired on TV, and when you go home you find yourself saying " that was fucking awesome", "That was such a good show", "Man that was amazing", and then the people watching at home are saying the exact opposite? I believe that also applies to major action films in the theater.

I don't want to see this movie became another On Demand victim at the expense of convenience to the people because of Covid19. Yes I'm selfish, I'd rather risk my safety to see the beautiful Gal Gadot , in yet another banger from DC Films. It is important to preserve not just movie theaters, but the movie industry in general, and the theaters are the core. Continuing this ON Demand method, will put your local theaters out of business for good at the cost of On Demand purchases from your couch. Think long term with this people.


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