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Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad...

I never would have thought three years ago when I picked an expansion team in their first year in the league as I ventured out to become an NHL fan, did I think that we would make the finals that first year and lose to that commie bastard Ovechkin in 5 games, but make it to the Western Conference Finals two out of three of our first seasons in the league. Eat shit Thrashers and people upset that I root for Vegas *win wink.

When we dicked the Blackhawks in 5 games (Which I predicted correctly and credit to me) , I knew I wanted the Canucks because that would be our best chance, because, well it's the Canucks. On the show, I predicted Knights in 6 games, so when the series went to a Game 6 I wasn't surprised at all. But losing 0-4 to the Canucks and them forcing a game 7 wasn't exactly in my planner. In fact, had I not been sick as hell all week, you probably would have gotten a classic rant on the show filled with plenty of shit birds and go fuck yourselves, but luckily my body forced me into "get well soon mode" and made me relax. But the fact is, Vancouver should have never made it to a Game 7.

Watching the game last night however, was one of the most frustrating, yet satisfying games I've ever watched in my lifelong sports and VGK fandom. The Canucks had no business even being in that game after the first period, only because we had held them to 6 shots on goal, while we had almost 20. VGK is an offensive powerhouse. so watching us whiff and overshoot the puck for almost 3 periods, while we ended up holding Vancouver to only 14 SHOTS ON GOAL THE WHOLE GAME, was making me want to punch myself in the pee pee. Then, I got to see one of the greatest goalie saves on the planet, from Robin fucking Lehner...

Some of you may remember last season the infamous horse shit major penalty against Cody Eakin when he simply checked SJS Sharks Joe Pavelski. I know I do. Keep in mind, it's game 7, 3rd period, 10 minutes left, and VGK has a 3-0 lead. Was I worried? Not at all, VGK has always been great at the PK, but on this night, I'm sure that shit bird Evander Kane spiked the Knights cooler before the PP and we had a monumental breakdown and lost in OT 5-4. So then last night, a few minutes left in the 2nd period, Ryran Reaves gets ejected for what I 100% believe was a legal check but the zebras seemed to disagree. The result? A major pentalty, in a game 7. Was I worried? Yes. Did we kill off the PP like a group of ass grabbers? Absolutely.

It wasn't until around the 6 1/2 minute marker of the 3rd period, where Shay Theodoore was getting fed up with toying around and decided to go top shelf on Demko who no lie, had been phenomenal up to that point (Credit to me for admitting that), and finally put VGK in the lead, and after that and a few empty netters, the icing was on the cake.

Here we are, back in the WCF, and this time it's against the Dallas Stars. Am I worried? Not even a little bit. I'm gonna surprise people with this one. VGK in 5, and

see you in the finals Tampa.


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