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The Jerry Stiller Conspiracy...

Jerry Stiller will always be one of the most unforgettable TV personalities that I will truly never forget, simply for his role as Arthur Spooner on my favorite sitcom "King of Queens". The most classic moments of the show always have him in it, and there's no coincidence there. I also have to say, I'm sick and tired of reading headlines like "Sienfield Star Dies At 92" and "Jerry Stiller who played Frank Costanza Dead at 92" . What planet are we living on here, where Jerry Stiller's work on King Of Queens isn't front and center?

I must admit that I've never seen a single episode of Sienfield, but I can guarangoddamntee you that it's not better than his role as Carrie's (Leah Remini) father, who lives in their basement, on King Of Queens. I also understand there are people out there who have to be outraged that I'm making such claims when I haven't even watched a single episode of Sienfield (seriously), but I will also say none of those people have come forward, which to me reassures my statements.

Something that I also need to get off my chest, is the fact that I consider myself one of, if not the biggest, King Of Queens fans out there. I started re-watching King Of Queens last Wednesday during my final few days of quarantine lay off. It was almost as if my fanboy TV Gods were telling me, "re-watch the series because you need to enjoy his work on there a few more days before you're hit with a bombshell." Some people will call that a coincidence, and I strongly disagree, it was fate for it to happen that way.

It's also worth noting that Jerry Stiller's entire family made appearance's on show. Some of the most memorable episodes actually include his wife Anne who plays Spence's (Patton Oswalt) mother, who Arthur inevitably marries at the end of the show. His daughter Amy makes multiple appearance's as well, most notably as the movie rental worker who gets fired for letting Arthur in after closing the store to rent the movie his daughter Carrie asked him to get. Ben Stiller makes a solo appearance in a flashback as Arthur's father.

If you haven't seen the show, please take a few days and watch some of the episodes, most notably the first 5 seasons, because it is the funniest sitcom you will watch. I did have a breakdown moment Wednesday thinking about Jerry Stiller and all the times I've talked about his character and the laughter it's given my friends and I over the years. I'm going to deeply miss him, but luckily I can watch his classic and timeless role as Arthur on the show.


PS Here's a clip of one of my favorite moments:


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