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Sports Start Today | My Picks 7/23/20

Well the day is finally upon us, sports begins again today with the best of all...baseball, I can finally give the people what they want. My sports picks for the first time in a loooooong time.


It only makes sense that my first pick is a dawg, so here you go. Scherzer going up against what I believe to be the MASSIVELY overpaid Gerrit Cole.

Wild Predictions:

Gerrit Cole has to get pulled after 5.

Scherzer throws for 7 SO’s.


Yeah it’s a an easy pick, but fuck it. Kershaw sucks, but it’s the Giants and Johnny Cueto is on the mound for SF. Johnny Cueto sounds like a villain in a Beverly Hills Cop movie. So fuck him.

Wild Predictions: No.


PS please follow my new accountant @Harrywasher1 , he hates that I get all the attention.

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