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Patreon Is Free This Week, Credit To ME

I understand COVID-19 has effected a shit load of people, specifically on the employment and financial side. So I’ve decided to help everyone out. Credit to me.

This week (July 6th-July 10th) will be totally free on the Patreon. That also includes the post show we did last Friday with TommyNC2010, where we got a tour of his disgusting crib. I want to also note, that for the entire month of July, everything on the Patreon will be only $1. That means you’ll get 5 extra shows each week. That’s 20 shows, for a $1. Credit to me.

Sign up now at www.patreon.com/jbsportsradio , or just enjoy the free shows this week, totally up to you. But you can at least find $1 in some old ladies purse or something can’t you?

HUGE shout out to all of the people who signed up on Friday for the July special:



Karl Matz

Too Sweet 19


Credit to me,



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