DMOON's Quick Review: Crash Bandicoot 4 It's about Dying......

Developed by Toy's for Bob, the Creators of the Spyro remake, Crash makes his Bandicoot return in Crash 4 It's about time.......this game took 10 years out of my life. I'm gonna get this out of the way, this game is stupidly hard, like easily the hardest game in the series......and fuck anyone that platinum's this game, your a fucking loser. I easily died at least 15 times in the first level, and originally I told myself "this is good! Crash is back to being a difficult platformer" Fuck me for wanting a challenge, Toys for Bob went above and beyond making this game difficult. On the graphics side of things, this game is one of the current gens "PS4 and Xbox One" best looking games hands down. They have a variety of levels that range from the classic insanity beach to going back in time with some dino levels......easily my favorite set of worlds. You also get to play as different characters such as Doctor N word man, Dingocroc and SJW bandicoot, and they all have there own playstyle which was a welcomed edition into the series. The game overall has around 44 levels which includes around 5 bosses which all have there own challenge to them. Overall, the game was a lot of fun and I definitely got my fix in some nostalgic furry bandicoot platforming. If you can live with dying every five seconds then I say pick this bad boy up, or you can be a jew and wait for a Christmas "I have now money" sale and wait then, either way, this game was awesome and earns my seal of approval!




-Level Variety

-Different Playable Characters

-Excellent Test of Skill "Drugs may be required to Platinum"


-Music was Meh

-SJW Bandicoot was unnecessary

*Seal of Approval*

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