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Big Lenny Signs With VGK For $25M

This is by far one of the most bitter sweet sports signings for me in years. I've been very lucky as a VGK fan being in the playoffs every year, two WCF advances, and a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Today Robin "Big Lenny" Lehner signed a 5 year $25 million dollar contract with the Knights, which is great for a future, but means we part ways with a beautiful part of our past.

In 2017, Marc Andre Fleury had one of the most amazing years a goalie can have in between the pipes for a season. It was so clutch he helped lead the Knights to the SCF only to lose to that crop dusting commie bastard Alex Ovechkin who I believe is a threat to our national security, and the ball Washington Capitals, but that's a blog for another day. Why am I mentioning this about Fleury? Because it's obvious, Fleury won't be a Golden Knight this season. MAF said weeks ago "Vegas is my home" and that's what makes this all the much more tougher to take. The suits aren't going to be able to afford both goalies, and with the signing, it's obvious which goes. I'll always love Flower for giving me the most exciting first year as a hockey fan that you can possibly have.

Lehner signing with the team is very good news and secures a solid lockdown as our goalie, especially after the impressive post season he had. The playoff series with the Blackhawks (who Dummy and Vito claimed would win in 7 games) this year, Lenny started in 4 out of the 5 games with Flower starting Game 3 and only allowed 1 goal in a 2-1 victory. Through the series Lenny allowed 10 goals. In the second round against Vancouver, he really showed us how big his dick is and how clutch he can be. Through 7 games Lenny started in 6 with Flower starting game 4 allowing 3 goals in a 5-3 win. Through 6 Lenny allowed 7 goals , but also put up 3 shutouts, most importantly a 3-0 shutout win in Game 7 to ice the cucks. Of course the disappointing series with Dallas he started all 5 games and allowed ONLY 6 goals. One of the games was a 3-0 shutout win and another was an embarrassing 0-1 loss. That series is completely to blame on our offense that decided to take a fucking vacation early.

Yes it's safe to say Lenny took over during the playoffs as a fucking stud and hopefully he can maintain it after signing the long term deal. He helped us all the way into the WCF this past season, so next season, are we bound for another trip to the Finals?


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